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Healthcare Solutions

The cost of healthcare is rising exponentially across the globe. Health services are challenged by a tidal wave of chronic diseases or lifelong conditions, including the modern epidemics of obesity, diabetes, cancer, and heart-disease. These conditions typically afflict many systems in the body – and therefore require a variety of specialists to work together to provide integrated care.

As a result, patients can be caught in the middle of a disjointed array of providers. At Fujitsu, we believe that deploying technology in the healthcare industry has one aim: to provide the best possible patient experience through IT-enabled change. Our approach is to improve patient outcomes by improving health processes. This includes maximizing clinicians’ productive time with patients by minimizing the routine, time-consuming tasks that they are required to perform.

Why choose Attendasoft for Healthcare?

  • Attendasoft focuses on connecting the silos and facilitating the orchestration of care.
  • Attendasoft has an impressive tradition of research in our dedicated laboratories with a track record of taking projects "from bench to bedside".
  • Attendasoft adopts a benefits-driven approach for designing and delivering programs. We align services to deliver exactly what you want, with meaningful measurements of value and outcome.
  • Attendasoft achieves global reach with local responsiveness by collaborating – sharing best practices and lessons learned via the Attendasoft Global Health Community.
  • Attendasoft takes a long-term view of service levels within the health industry, because healthcare organizations need to make sure that systems improve their processes and deliver reliable, consistent and scalable healthcare.