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Semi Conductors

The semiconductor industry is being reshaped by a perfect storm of consolidation and innovation. To remain competitive while navigating market and technology uncertainties, every chip company-whether innovating around GHz, acceleration, power, functionality, even experience-is stretching R&D dollars further than ever.

Attendasoft helps semiconductor companies achieve the highest ROI on their R&D spend by maximizing the productivity and innovation capacity of in-house R&D teams, reducing engineering costs and improving time-to-market. Offerings include:

  • High-quality engineering services for silicon, systems/boards, platforms, software and product.
  • IC design and validation from the most advanced technology nodes to mature, proven processes.
  • End-to-end solutions for derivative and legacy chips.
  • User-centered experience design for embedded applications.
  • Evaluating requirements for embedded vision, machine learning, big data, analytics, cloud, security and other leading-edge technologies.
  • Flexible engagements and business models.